Bike Rider Rules


  1. Helmets must be full coverage or full-face coverage. It must cover the base of the skull. Helmets must be worn at all times while on the track.
  2. Boots must be worn. They must be sturdy, protective, and must cover the ankle. No rubber boots. No tennis shoes.
  3. Shatterproof eye protection must be worn.
  4. Protective pants, gloves, and shirt with full-length sleeves are required.
  5. Protective equipment must be worn during the race and practice.
  6. Each member is responsible for the conduct of his parents, relatives, friends, or anyone else whose actions may cause his/her disqualification.
  7. INSURANCE: Rider medical insurance IS NOT PROVIDED.


50cc Beginner & 50cc Advanced

B class up to 6 years old.  50cc bike, no tire restriction, training wheels optional.  Trophy class 1st - 3rd.

A class up to 8 years old.  50cc bike, no tire restriction, no training wheels.  Trophy class 1st - 3rd.


65cc bike.  No tire restriction.

Trophy class 1st - 3rd.


85cc 2 stroke/125cc 4 stroke.  No brake      restriction. No tire restriction. 

Trophy class 1st – 3rd.


150 Amateur

No age restriction.  150cc or under, 4 stroke, air cooled, knobby tires allowed.  Trophy class 1st - 3rd.

Open Amateur & Open Amateur 45+

Open Amateur - No age restriction.  Any big wheel motorcycle 125cc and larger. No age restriction, flattrack tires only. No front brakes allowed. Back brakes required. Trophy class 1st – 3rd 

Open Amateur 45+ - same as above except age is 45 or older.

Vintage Am

Bikes manufactured prior to 12/31/80. Rider must be 35. Trophy class 1st – 3rd.


Back Yard Bikes

Pull start 212 predator style engine or      smaller, no larger than 12” wheels, rigid rear suspension. Left foot peg must be foldable or removed. Rider must be at least 16. 



Ages 21 and up.  Street bike 750cc or bigger.  No knobby tires allowed.

Trophy Class 1st - 3rd 

Open Pro/Am

Must follow rules and be entered in open am or open pro to enter this class. 50% payback class.

150 Pro

Ages 16 and up.    150cc or under 4 stroke, air cooled, no knobby tires allowed.  100% payback class. 

Open Pro

Any single or twin cylinder 250cc and larger. No front brakes. Back brake required. Flattrack tires only. Minimum age 16. 100% payback class 

Vintage Pro

Any twin or single bike manufactured before 12/31/80, Rider must be at least 35. 100% payback class