General Rules

1.  Number plates must be visible.  Minimum of 3 for bikes and karts, 2 for quads and mowers.  Bib numbers are encouraged.  You are responsible to make sure your numbers are clear and noticeable, if not you may forfeit your points for that race. 

2. No drugs or weapons allowed on premises.  Alcohol is permitted in the grandstands, but NOT allowed in the pits and any participants or pit crew using alcohol or under the influence – may be expelled. 

3. Children must be supervised at all times.   

4. Protective equipment must be worn during the race and practice. 

5. Waiver must be signed by each individual entering Winding Creek premises. 

6. Race participants must register before registration closes.  Any late entries will start from the tail and there will be an additional $5 charge. 

7. Riders’ meeting is mandatory. 

8. ONLY TRACK OFFICIALS ARE PERMITTED ON THE TRACK.  A racer may not accept any assistance on the race track during a race unless given permission by an official for the purpose of safety except for Pee Wee races.  (Limit of 2 per Pee Wee racer)   

9. Interrupting of the SCOREKEEPERS or FLAGMAN during a race is grounds for disqualification and forfeiture of points for that race. 

10. The lineup and/or race schedule will only be changed by race officials.  It is your responsibility to pay attention and be ready for your race.  Also, keep in mind that a race may be scratched. 

11. If a race cannot be started properly after 3 tries, it may be started single file.  If one person is the problem they may be sent to the tail. 

12. If you switch mower, bike quad or kart after the heat, you will start on the tail for the main.  This change must also be reported to registration prior to the race.  If not reported, you may receive a DNS for the main. 

13. Watch for line ups to be posted, if you have any questions or issues contact registration immediately. Any changes that are not a registration error will result in a $5 per occurrence charge. 

14. If you are not ready, you will get 3 caution laps to get on the track, before the race starts.  If you are not on the track, you will miss that race.  If it is a heat, you will be on the tail for the mains.   

15. No speeding in the Pit Area.  No riding outside pit area – including the road. 

16. Rough driving will not be tolerated.  If you are faster than the person in front of you, make a clean pass. 

17. It takes 2 entries to make a class.  If there are not 2 entries you can pay entry fee, race and receive 10 points for showing up, but will NOT receive a trophy for that class.  You also will have the option to move to another class if available or get a refund resulting in no race, no points and no trophy.  This must be done before the close of registration. 

18. There will be NO REFUNDS after practice starts.   

19. Any changes to registration or line up after 6 pm will result in a $5 per change fee. 

20. To qualify for the Points Championship you must be entered into 11 of the 14 races. 

21. Points are given for heats and mains as well as DNS & DNF.   

22. If bikes & quads get penalized to the back row, their original spot remains vacant. 

23. Racers and everyone in the Pit Area must have a pit pass.  Penalty may result in disqualification of related racer. 

24. BLACK FLAG – A rolled black flag pointed at a racer, is a warning.  (The flag man may or may not give a warning).   A full black flag waved at a racer means you must leave the track immediately.  Stopping to argue with the flagman or official will result in a $50.00 fine and each lap taken after will be an additional $25.00. 

25. If you have an issue dealing with a race, you can speak to Dana AFTER the races.  I will not tolerate any bashing of Winding Creek Race Track, WCR employees, or other WC racer on social media.  If this happens you and your affiliated racer(s) will be banned from WCR for the remainder of the season and/or the next entire season.   

26. Officials will not be responsible for any occurrence that results in "back-to-back" races for any two different racers competing in different classes on the same machine. A short time, 2 minutes maximum, will be allowed for the racers to switch as long as there is no prolonged delay of the start of the race. It is up to the individual to notify the pit      steward of the situation.

27.  Officials reserve the right to prevent anyone from competing in any event if the racers machine does not comply with the rules.


28. Peewee and Amateur laps will be 6 for heat and 10 for main.

29. Pro laps will be 8 for heat and 12 for main.


30.  If for any reason the race must be stopped, it can be considered finished if all racers that are still in the race have completed 50% of the total laps of      the race. (This decision will be made by track officials.) If less than 50% of the total laps are completed, the race will be restarted.


31.  Any foul riding, unnecessary bumping, crowding, chopping, blocking, or other unsportsman like conduct at the race event is grounds for dis-      qualification or penalty as determined by the Track Official.

32.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  All rules are subject to change.

Starting & Award Procedures

Starting Procedures


  1. Flag or light start; determined on race  day and announced at riders meeting. After all riders are ready, flagman will step into a white circle, after which he as 1-3 seconds to raise the flag or illuminate the green starting light.
  2. Jumpers will be moved to the penalty      line.
  3. If a race cannot be started properly after 3 tries, it may be started single file. If one person is the problem they may be sent to the tail. 
  4. If a race is restarted without one lap completed, it will be a complete restart. After one lap is recorded, it will be a single file restart with no passing allowed until the racer      crosses the starting line.


Amateur Award Procedure

After each main event, trophies will be      awarded on the starting line.  1st – 3rd place.

Pro/Am & Pro Payout Procdeure


After the final main event of the evening, payouts will be awarded at the registration booth, once all winners for that particular class are present.