Mower Rules (lawn mower racing)

Open Class


Open:  All front engine mowers allowed with up to 25 hp factory rated and must be a lawnmower engine.  Centrifugal clutches ARE allowed.  If you run a 25hp you will have to run a transaxle final drive. (live axle means, solid rear final drive axle, one piece of steel, etc. that the wheels are bolted to and driven/pulled by a chain or belt.

Open Tire Rule

All mowers must have started life as a lawnmower.

Jack shafts are allowed.

Secondary drive may be belt, jackshaft, direct or transaxle.

All mowers are required to be self-starting.  Pull starters are allowed.

Jump-starting is allowed on dead batteries but must be done off of the racing surface and not on the track.

Width of mowers not to exceed 45 inches.

Front axle clearance, must not be less than 3 inches measured from the bottom of the axle, on center, on level ground.

All mowers must have safety lanyard type kill switch installed and working at start of the race.


FRONT BUMPER: No wider than the width of the frame at the point of the mount. Bottom of bumper must be 5 inches off the ground, and 4 to 6 inches tall.  Can not stick out more than 3 inches from the furthest Point of the mower If there is a guard to protect the hood, it must be behind the bumper area and can not stick out past the bumper.

REAR BUMPER: Bottom of the bumper must be 5 inches off the ground, 4 to 6 inches tall, width of bumper is center of tire to center of tire and not to exceed the outside of tire or wheel.

BUMPER can not stick out more than 3 inches from furthest point of mower and be closed ends with no sharp edges.

BRAKES: All mowers must have brakes in working order, brakes must be lever or foot pedal operated.  The flagman can stop the mowers during any lineup to check any and all mowers for working brakes.

No shocks mean No suspension.

FUEL: Pump gasoline only.

Mower decks are allowed to be on the mower but blades must be removed and deck welded solid to the frame.

Mowers must have a hood. 

Mower numbers-  Numbers must be clearly displayed in contrasting color, 2 ½” tall both sides of the mower. 

No roll cages.

A spring loaded throttle return is to be used.

Riders must wear racing safety gear, including gloves, long sleeve shirt and boots covering the ankle. Must have eye protection and buckled helmet.

In the event that not enough drivers show up to race in a class, a single driver for any class may pay entry fee for that class race to receive 10 points for showing up but, will not receive more than 10 points and will not receive a trophy for that class.

If already paid, entry fee can be refunded and driver WILL NOT receive any points or trophy.

Interested in Racing a Mower

If you are interested in racing a mower, we can hook you up with racers that can answer all your specific questions and lead you in the right direction.  You will be on the track in no time.  Join us for the best lawn mower racing around.